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Lone Star Podiatry, Dr. Cassidy - Austin podiatrist, and his staff specialize in the treatment of all foot and ankle disorders in Austin, TX.

Dr. Cassidy is a strong proponent of conservative care. He approaches his patient's foot and ankle pathology in a conservative manner when appropriate. Dr. Cassidy is comfortable treating infants to the elderly for all their foot and ankle problems. About Dr. Cassidy.


  • Austin Sports Medicine

    There are many injuries such as stress fractures, tendon tears, nerve injury, etc that are specific to a particular sport...

  • Foot & Ankle Surgery

    There are a variety of other pathologies seen by Dr Cassidy such as bone and soft tissue tumors, skin cancer, trauma (ie. Foot/Ankle fractures, burns, sprains and strains of ligaments and tendons), and congenital deformities...

  • Austin General Podiatry

    Common foot problems are often an easy problem to fix conservatively with orthotics, injections, and physical therapy...

  • Austin Custom Orthotics

    Orthotics, are custom inserts for the foot that are made to fit in a patient’s shoe in order to control abnormal motion in the foot...

Non - Surgical Treatments

There are non-surgical treatments for such injuries as tendonitis / plantar fasciitis / and joint pathologies that can be done as an alternative to surgery and have minimal to no negative complications as compared to surgery. These can also be used in conjunction with surgery.

Platelet Rich Plasma: This is a derivative of your own blood where we take blood in the office and spin off the red blood cells and the left over plasma has a high concentration of growth factors that stimulate the healing cascade in tissue. This puts an abundance of these growth factors around the injured soft tissue and joints ( more than would get there through natural circulation ) .

Stem Cell injection: This is an injection of embryonic stem cells that can regenerate injured tissue

Prolotherapy: this is using injections of a mild irritant to induce the body to have a mild acute inflamatory response which will bring growth factors to the area and simulate the healing cascade in the tissue.

Located in Bee Cave, 15 minutes from downtown Austin.

Dr. Cassidy