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Custom Orthotics in Austin and Dripping Spring TX

Orthotics, are custom inserts for the foot that are made to fit in a patient's shoe in order to control abnormal motion in the foot. These custom devices can be made to help relieve pain from bunions, painful calluses, heel pain, and other foot pathologies. Dr. Cassidy designs each orthotic to fit the unique pathology of each patient. He uses a local lab in Austin, TX to ensure product quality.

Making the proper orthotic starts with some fundamental principals like how you get the impression of the foot. We do a plaster cast and hold the foot in the proper subtalar neutral position and design the orthotic to bring the ground up to meet the foot. When you step in foam or on a force plate to get the impression the foot is captured in the pathological or wrong position and the practitioner has no idea on were the correct position is.

Then it is how we design the orthotic. We make a rigid product because we need to block the 1.5 X body weight walking and 3-5X body weight running. Then we block the abnormal pronatory motion by wedging the heel , NOT by putting a bulky lump in the arch. We match YOUR arch height. An arch is a bony construct and can only be changed with surgical correction. We can also make other modifications to the device for leg length issues and painful plantar callous', and many other modifications. These are truly custom to the patient.

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Fundamentals to Constructing a Good Orthotic:

Dr. Cassidy has made custom orthotics for patients ranging in age from 1-100. Orthotics can be made for a multitude of sports from running, to skiing, to cycling. Orthotics, are made to be used everyday as a preventative measure to slow down foot pathology and relieve pain.

In addition, custom inserts can be made for diabetics in Dripping Springs and in Austin, TX in order to prevent ulcerations.

The Impression

In order to get the best impression of the foot we create a plaster mold of the foot and hold the foot in the position is should operate in ( called subtalar neutral position ) and design the device to bring the ground up to meet the foot and hold it there. When the mold is done by stepping in foam or stepping on a force plate the foot is captured in the wrong or pathological position and inherently flawed.

The Design

The next critical step is in the design. We block the pronation in the foot by wedging the heel where it starts. We match the patients arch height. You cant force an arch into a flat foot. The arch of the foot is a bony construct. Placing a large arch in a flat foot will just tilt the foot outward and make the person uncomfortable.

The Customization

there are specific modifications we do to adapt and control certain foot pathologies. Each orthotic is truly custom to that person. Our orthotics last adults about 8-10 years. After that time period the foot or orthotic has probably changed somewhat. The top cover needs to be changed every several years. Kids need a new pair every 2 shoe sizes. If the orthotic cant fit into the shoe, then that shoe is probable too small.