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Common Foot Problems

Common Foot Problems in Austin and Dripping Springs TX

– Heel Pain in Austin or Dripping Springs TX:

This is one of the most common problems seen by Dr Cassidy in Austin, TX. This is often an easy problem to fix conservatively with orthotics, injections, and physical therapy. There is often pain after prolonged rest or with the first step in the morning. There can also be a litany of other pathologies causing this heel pain such as nerve entrapment, bone and soft tissue tumors, and even associated systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Treatment depends on the specific diagnosis.

– Bunions/Hammertoes in Austin or Dripping Springs TX:

A bunion deformity of the first big toe joint, and is generated by a mixture of congenital factors and pathological motion in the foot. This generates an abnormal joint axis and can cause significant joint damage, and pain. Hammertoes are related deformities of the lesser toes causing them to contract generating painful corns and callus that can lead to ulceration and infection. These deformities can be slowed in their progression with custom orthotics. It can be surgically addressed straightening the big toe joint/ toe thereby eliminating the chance for arthritis, and pain. Dr Cassidy tailors the patients treatment based on a multiple factors (pain, activity level, other health problems) and what is best for that particular patient.

A short demonstration of one of the most common bunion correction procedures being done today, The Austin bunionectomy. Bunion Video Click Here

– Ingrown toe nails, plantar warts, nail fungus, skin cancer

Are all common pathologies in Austin, TX treated by Dr. Cassidy.

– Diabetic wound Care, Diabetic Shoes, and initial screening

are part of Dr. Cassidy's multidisciplinary approach to treating diabetics in Austin, TX and their associated foot problems. The most serious consequences for diabetic pathology in the lower extremity can often be averted with a good comprenhesive diabetic foot care protocol developed by Dr. Cassidy and tailored to the patients specific needs.

– Other Pathologies

There are a variety of other pathologies seen by Dr Cassidy such as bone and soft tissue tumors, skin cancer, trauma (ie. Foot/Ankle fractures, burns, sprains and strains of ligaments and tendons), and congenital deformities.

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