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Common Childhood Complaints Treatment

Things we see the most and the corresponding treatment for child foot and ankle related injury, pain,or discomfort.

Child foot and ankle complaints

– Ingrown Toe Nails:

Common in pre-teen and teenagers in Austin, TXand Dripping Springs / procedure done by trained professional. A course of antibiotics is usually not enough to get rid of this problem. Usually a portion of the nail is removed and the nail bed ablated with a chemical to prevent the nail from growing back.

– Plantar Warts:

This is caused by a virus that presents as a small lesion on the bottom of the foot. They can multiply to larger lesions if not treated in a timely manner. There are a number of treatment modalities. Dr Cassidy is usually able to get rid of the warts while allowing the patient to maintain their daily activities, and with minimal discomfort.

– Athletes Foot:

This is a fungal skin infection of the foot. This is common in people in Austin, TX and Dripping Springs TX with feet that excessively sweat in the shoe. This creates a perfect environment for the fungus to proliferate. A combination of controlling the environment of the foot, and either topical or oral medications is usually enough to control this problem. It should be evaluated by a podiatrist to rule out a bacterial infection.

– Pigeon Toed:

When the pathology is located in the foot it is called Metatarsus Adductus, and is often undiagnosed until child starts school. It should be evaluated by a professional to determine if the pathology exists in the foot, leg, or hips.

  • More easily corrected if caught before 12 months / Casting vs Sx

  • Child may be slow, unmotivated in sports, want to be held

  • Braces for older HS and JH kids


Bone and soft tissue tumors / Trauma / Osteochondroses / Congenital abnormalities (coalitions, toe walkers, clubfoot, extra toes, ) / skin disorders

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